Project Management

The activity of Project Management consists of coordination with the preliminary final and executive design of a work, also includes the activity of Risk Management, i.e., risk management. The goal SFRE intends to achieve can be seen in the effective and strategic coexistence of the two parts of project management: the operational part - related to work methodology and technical skills - with the relational part, understood as the part capable of interacting with the various stakeholders, in the design phase with the client, and in the implementation phase with the entities involved.

Fire Engineering

The service of Fire Engineering, carried out through SFE, is part of the safety framework in which it plays a preponderant role. It is the process required to start any type of activity that complies with the current regulations of fire prevention. SFRE and SFE accompany the client by providing comprehensive advice and assistance, including in the subsequent activity of maintaining the required standards, through appraisals (Technical Due Diligence), monitoring services (Audit) and Periodic Renewal Attestation of Fire Compliance.

Construction Management

The Construction Management is the service offered by SFRE and SFCM in the construction industry, and in particular in the logistics sector. The Construct Manager is responsible for coordinating the Health & Safety, Quality Management and Construction Management services. The presence of these experts in the SFRE team allows him, throughout the construction phase of the work, to assess the most complex operations in a timely manner.
SFRE and SFCM, precisely because of this service, meet the highest standards of customers in the management phase, as Deliver the property on time and on budget.


BIM, today, is no longer just a service but also the method of working. It is an evolved project management model that enables the reconstruction virtual geometric of the building, and through which data and information can be collected. SFRE offers a streamlined, efficient and effective model for the purposes and objectives set by the Client, both during the design phase and during the subsequent phase of management and operation of the property. The modeling activity is complemented by an important technical/documentary collection and reorganization service.


SFRE embraces ESG criteria, understood as. sustainable investments and responsible. The goal is to provide a medium- to long-term oriented investment strategy that integrates financial analysis with environmental, social, and good governance analysis to create value for the investor and society as a whole. The innovative approach, from design to construction management, studies the building in its entire life cycle, paying attention to the design choices to be adopted and the effective compliance with the requirements, standards and procedures, aimed at reducing environmental impact Of an intervention.

Technical Due Diligence

It is a specialized service in assessing areas/properties in order to analyze potential and risks. The Technical Due Diligence helps outline a preliminary cognitive framework of private initiative real estate investment. Analyses are carried out both from an technical/urban than through site visits and document review; in this way, the physical characteristics of an area are known, its construction potential is studied, and its strengths and weaknesses are assessed. Any critical issues encountered will be reported by red-flag, with a description of recommended actions and their timelines for implementation.


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